Dr. Ravi Kant

Principal Scientist  - Upstream Process Development


Dr. Ravi Kant is a Bioprocess professional, working as Senior Research Scientist & Group leader at Saksin Lifesciences Pvt Ltd., Chennai, since July, 2014. He has five years of industrial experience in hard core R&D unit with research focus involved in Bioprocess development. Prior to this, he worked for Orchid chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd from the year 2005-2009.  His expertise is in the area of Microbial (E.coli and P.pastoris) and fungal processes development.

He has done his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Warangal and M.Tech from Centre of Biotechnology (CBT) Anna University. He completed his Ph.D. from Centre of Biotechnology (CBT) Anna University and his Ph.D. work was on “Engineering of Pichia pastoris for the overproduction of S-adenosyl-l-methionine (SAM)”.

He has patents and publications in peer reviewed International Journals. He has been awarded with very reputed fellowships like, CSIR - SRF, UGC - JRF, DBT – JRF; DBT - fellowship during M.Tech studies.


Upstream (USP) department is having a very strong, expertise and experienced scientific team.

USP involved in Media design, High throughput screening, MCB & WCB, Bioprocess optimization of novel biologics, Scale-up, High cell density (HCD) microbial fermentation and Tech transfer.


​USP is a well equipped department with advanced instruments like, Bioengineering In-situ SIP, CIP fermenter, Online glucose analyzer, NBS Incubator Shaker, UVP Chemiluminescence gel doc system, High speed centrifuge, Phase contrast Zeiss Microscope, Deep freezer, etc.